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Regular Maintenance Method Of Wheel loader

Sep. 05, 2018

China's loaders have made great progress after decades of development. So what is the way to maintain the Wheel Loader With Yanmar Engine?

First, every day

1. Check for oil, water, gas leakage and overheating of the machine parts;

2. Check diesel engine oil, coolant and hydraulic oil level;

3. Check tire pressure and damage;

4. Check the meter and lights;

5. Press the butter at each hinge point.

Second, every 50 hours

1. Check the front and rear drive shaft bolts;

2. Check the gearbox oil level;

3. Check the adjustment of the foot brake and the hand brake, the brake booster oil;

4. Check the throttle control and shift control system;

Third, every 100 hours

1. Replace the transmission oil (replace every 600 hours) and clean the oil pan filter;

2. Replace engine oil (replace every 600 hours);

3. Check the battery liquid level, and apply the Vaseline to the battery terminal;

4. Check the tightening of the rim and brake disc bolts and bridge bolts;

5. Check the tightening of each fastening bolt.

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Wheel Loader With Yanmar Engine

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