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How To Use And Maintain The 956 Wheel Loader In Winter?

Oct. 24, 2018

1. Winter 956 Wheel Loader is relatively difficult to use. It is recommended that each start should not exceed 8 seconds. If it cannot be started, the start switch should be released and wait for 1 minute before starting for a second time. After the engine is started, idle for a period of time (not too long, too long will form carbon deposits on the inner wall of the cylinder, causing the phenomenon of pulling the cylinder), one will charge the battery, and the other will make the water temperature reach 55 ° C and the pressure is expressed to 0.4Mpa, then Start again;

2. The general temperature is below 5 °C, the engine should be heated before the start to warm water or steam for preheating, to be preheated to 30~40 °C and then start;

3. If the storage vehicle stops using for more than half a month, the engine must be started once every 15 days and run for a period of time to charge the battery. If the time is too long, please remove the battery and charge it with a charger, and move it properly. Change the pressure part of the tire to prevent the tire from being deformed; if the vehicle needs to be parked for more than two months, the battery negative pole must be disconnected or removed;

4. The usage of fuel oil, lubricating oil coolant and auxiliary materials used in diesel engines is as follows:

(1) Diesel engine diesel oil is -10# light diesel oil, and fuel oil is used in cold regions -35# light diesel oil;

(2) Diesel engine oil is CD grade.

5. When the temperature is below 0 °C, the antifreeze concentration should be checked regularly, and untreated water is prohibited as the engine coolant.

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956 Wheel Loader

956 Wheel Loader

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