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What Are The Issues That Need Attention When Repairing Wheel Loader?

Sep. 30, 2018

The Wheel Loader With Cummins Engine is suitable for accident prevention or storage of high-intensity operations, ensuring continuous operation of the equipment, and the development of the loader due to the application of the engineering and machinery industries. However, when we use the device, it is inevitable that there will be a malfunction. So, do you know what are the taboos when repairing the equipment?

First, the butter is smeared:

The main function of butter is to lubricate and seal. Therefore, some repairers apply butter on the cylinder mat during the repair of the loader, which is considered to increase the sealing performance of the diesel engine. However, this is really a big mistake, because if you apply butter on the cylinder mat, when the cylinder bolts are tightened, some of the butter will inevitably flow into the cylinder; the remaining external butter will also cause the cylinder mat after being affected by the high temperature. A certain gap occurs between the cylinder head and the plane of the body, which in turn reduces the original sealing of the cylinder head gasket.

Second, never change the oil:

The role of oil in the loader is particularly great. Many repairers attach great importance to them and they add them according to the standard requirements. However, many repairers have forgotten the oil quality inspection and the change of the oil. The long-term addition is not to change the oil. This will cause many parts of the engine to work in a poorly lubricated environment, causing the wear to be far beyond normal. Moreover, many of the dirt will enter the oil during the operation of the diesel engine. If the oil is not changed regularly, It is easy to cause accidents such as burning tiles and holding shafts.

Third, the cylinder liner and piston products are not assembled and installed:

Many repairers think that the new products should be standard parts when they are repairing. Therefore, when facing new cylinder liners and piston products, they often do not look at the specific size, which will cause many cylinder liners and piston products not to match. Happening. When a large-sized cylinder is equipped with a small-sized piston, the gap between the two is too large and the compression is weak.

Fourth, the use of open flame heating piston:

In the process of installing the piston pin, the piston should be heated and expanded first. Many maintenance personnel should directly put it on the open flame for heating. However, because the thickness of the piston is uneven, it is heated on an open flame. It will cause its uneven heating to cause deformation. Therefore, the correct heating method is to put the piston into the hot oil for heating.

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Wheel Loader With Cummins Engine

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