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Burning Oil Solution Of Wheel Loader

Sep. 13, 2018

Wheel Loader 956 burned oil means that the fuel consumption of the same type of excavator is higher than that of the same type of excavator. The work is accompanied by the appearance of blue black smoke. The oil is burned into the incineration.

Wheel loader 956 burning machine oil cause:

1. The excavator works in the middle and lower exhaust black and black smoke, and the investigation of the oil consumption is also more than usual, indicating that the digging machine burns the oil, which may be the piston ring wear, the valve clearance is large, the valve guide gap is large, the piston device is faulty, etc. form.

2. The gap between the cylinder liner and the piston is too large, perhaps the piston oil ring is stuck or cracked.

3. If the appearance of the oil is followed by the appearance of the exhaust drip, it is likely that the piston ring is severely worn or cracked.

4, burning oil, if the lower exhaust is not very serious, may be the formation of turbocharged seal is not strict, at this moment advocates to remove the turbocharged two tubes to see if there is any oil, if the organic oil indicates turbocharger problems.

5. The engine valve oil seal is poorly sealed, and the appearance of the excavator burning machine oil will also be formed.

6, the engine oil added more.

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Wheel Loader 956

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