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What Directly Affects The Working Efficiency Of The Wheel Loader?

Aug. 22, 2018

The braking performance of the Wheel Loader With CE Manufacturer directly affects the working efficiency of the whole machine, and it is also related to the safety of the person and the machine. The structure and working principle of the loader brake system are essential for maintenance and use. At present, the domestic loader brake system has a gas capped oil caliper disc brake and a full hydraulic wet brake system.

Domestic wheel loaders mostly use air-top oil tongs disc brake system. After years of improvement and development, the following three systems are basically formed. The brake system is separately separated from the parking brake and the service brake: The parking brake is realized by operating the hand brake soft shaft to pull the brake drum on the output shaft of the transmission, and the compressed air discharged by the engine to drive the air compressor is discharged through the unloading valve. After the filtered water is pressurized, it enters the gas storage cylinder. After the pressure regulation, the pressure value is about 0.68~0.7MPa. The air pressure gauge on the instrument panel can display the air pressure. The gas coming out of the air reservoir enters the brake chamber through the air inlet of the air brake main valve. .

When the wheel loader brakes, the brake pedal is depressed, and the two gases from the gas brake master valve are respectively connected with the front and rear force boosters, and the booster discharges the high pressure brake fluid through the pipeline to fill the brake disc brakes. The pump pushes the piston to press the friction plate and the brake disc to brake; at the same time, the compressed air leading to the front booster is separated into a transmission shut-off valve to disengage the transmission and cut off the power.

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