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Exhaust Noise Solution Of Wheel Loader 958

Sep. 27, 2018

The exhaust noise generated by the Wheel Loader 958 is mainly the total noise radiated by the exhaust system. It includes three aspects, one is the radiation noise of the pipe wall, one is the radiation noise of the muffler wall, and the other is the tail pipe outlet.

However, the reason for the noise is that during the operation of the wheel loader 958 diesel engine, in the place of the exhaust valve, the gas flow is unstable, and the air flow is transmitted to the outlet of the exhaust system by pressure fluctuation, at the exit of the tail pipe, the speed is connected. Fluctuations generate irregular noise, and it can be easily understood that the instability of the airflow in the exhaust system causes exhaust noise.

The above is an introduction to the factors that cause the exhaust noise of the wheel loader 958. I hope that the above introduction can be helpful to everyone. The following is a note for the use of the loader during running-in:

1. Wheel loader 958 during the running-in period, the lubricating oil is added: the lubricating oil is often added to ensure that the degree of wear is minimized, and the lubricating oil can also reduce the sound when the machine is in operation;

2. Wheel loader 958 avoid overload operation during the running-in period: It is easy to cause the wear of parts and components to be fast during the running-in period, so it should be avoided as much as possible after the knowledge;

3. Wheel loader 958 should always check the loader accessories during the running-in period: the loader parts are easy to use due to the alternating load such as shock and vibration, as well as the influence of heat and deformation, and the wear and tear. Loosen the parts that were originally tightened, so check the loader accessories frequently.

If you have serious noise when using the wheel loader 958, you should deal with it separately. If the exhaust system is not particularly bad, then you only need to lubricate. If the amount of wear in the exhaust system is particularly large, then the entire part needs to be fully overhauled.

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Wheel Loader 958

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