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Wheel Loader Precautions For High Temperature Operation

Aug. 03, 2018

When the job was just completed, the temperature of the loader hydraulic oil, the oil and water in the engine, the oil and water in the radiator were still high, and there was still pressure. At this point, any operation to open the fuel tank cap, radiator cap, pour or pour water, or replace the filter can result in severe burns. Wait for the temperature to drop and follow the prescribed procedures when performing the operation.

To prevent hot water from escaping, turn off the engine, allow the water to cool, and slowly release when opening the cover to relieve pressure.

To prevent hot oil from escaping, turn off the loader's engine, allow the oil to cool, and slowly loosen when the cover is opened to relieve pressure.

Do not touch the loader's relay when the machine is hot to avoid burns.

Do not remove the engine oil temperature sensor, water temperature sensor, torque converter sensor and air conditioning water pipe on the loader to avoid burns.

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