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What Are The Safety Considerations For The Wheel Loader?

Jun. 22, 2018

Wheel Loader is a shovel transportation machine widely used in roads, railways, ports, terminals, coal, mining, water conservancy, national defense and other projects and urban construction. Safety considerations when using the Wheel loader are as follows:

1.Before using the loader, the driver and related personnel must carefully read the instructions for use and maintenance or the operation and maintenance manual provided by the manufacturing company carefully and follow the instructions in the data. Otherwise it will bring serious consequences and unnecessary losses.

2.The driver should wear safety requirements and wear the necessary protective equipment.

3.In the case of a small area or hazardous area in the work area, the sign must be displayed in the area or at the danger point.

4.It is strictly forbidden for the driver to drink or be overtired.

5.When carrying out maintenance or inspection work in the central articulated area, install “anti-rotation levers” to prevent relative rotation of the front and rear frames.

6.After the loader has stopped, load the loader up and down at the handrails. Do not jump or jump while working on the loader or walking.

7.When the maintenance loader needs to raise the arm, the raised boom must be secured to ensure that the boom will never fall under any maintenance conditions.

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Wheel Loader

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