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Reason of Slow Steering Response on Excavator

Jul. 12, 2018

The rotational speed of the excavator determines the efficiency of the mini excavator. The driver may have a slow rotation during operation, so what are the reasons for this phenomenon? Specifically in the following aspects.

1. The hydraulic steering system pressure is too low due to the weakening of the spring force of the relief valve spring;

2. The cylindrical surface of the central swivel joint housing and the sealing ring are seriously worn;

3. The low pressure pipe joint is loose or the oil pipe is broken;

4. The clearance between the piston cylinder seal ring and the inner wall of the cylinder is too large or the seal ring and gasket are damaged;

5. Steering pump leakage;

6. The hydraulic oil is contaminated;

7. There is air in the hydraulic steering system;

8. The check valve of the steering assist is not tightly closed.

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