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Nine Kinds Of Wheel Loader 933 Can Not Be Launched

Oct. 11, 2018

1. First of all should first check the Wheel Loader 933 cylinder gas compression force, valve clearance, etc. are normal.

2. Practice has proved that the analysis of the loader diesel engine can not start fire at this time the cause of the failure is likely to be in the oil circuit.

3. Check Multi-Function Wheel Loader diesel tank oil is sufficient, the oil supply pipeline is not leaking, clogging and loose joints.

4. Remove the fuel injection pipe joint of the fuel injection pump, and there is a bubble in the oil pump oil.

5. The wheel loader can not start the fire to remove the diesel oil filter inlet pipe joints, pumping in the direction of the fuel tank without blockage, air leakage.

6. Analyze the wheel loader diesel engine. Put the joint into the oil basin and pump the oil with the hand oil pump. The oil is normal and the air bubbles disappear.

7. Analyze that the wheel loader cannot catch fire and determine that the fault is on the diesel strainer.

8. Check that the connecting bolt between the base of the diesel filter and the sedimentation cup and the tubing joint are not loose, but the rubber gasket between the base and the sedimentation cup is found to be thin, and the diameter of the diesel strainer is too small. The above failure is caused by air entering the low pressure oil passage due to poor sealing.

9. Analyze the reason that the wheel loader can't catch fire. Between the base of the diesel strainer and the sedimentation cup, the loader can't start the fire and add a suitable size of the sealing gasket before testing the machine.

Wheel Loader 933

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