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Why Is The Excavator Working Slowly?

Jul. 04, 2018

There are many reasons why the Excavator can not work normally. For example, the center rotary joint of the excavator is faulty, the travel control system (such as the pilot oil circuit, the control valve, etc.) is faulty, the travel motor is seriously leaked, the travel motor safety valve is out of adjustment, and the engine is super The powerlessness caused by the load work, etc. In order to eliminate this fault in time, it is generally necessary to carry out the following checks.

1. Severe leakage of the rotary joint: The hydraulic oil passes from the upper part of the excavator to the lower traveling device, and must pass through the rotary joint. When the rotary joint is damaged, a part of the high-pressure oil will flow to the return pipe, causing the walking force to be weak and affecting the normal operation of the excavator. .

2. Various valves fail: safety valves, throttle valves, check valves, etc., any valve failure, may cause the excavator to walk failure.

3. Inspection of the travel motor: When the travel motor is seriously leaked, it will also cause walking weakness. The specific elimination check method is: the right crawler can be propped up by the bucket, and the right travel joystick can be operated under the engine idle state. When the drive wheel does not rotate, it can hear the sound of the right travel motor, then touch the oil pipe back and feel the oil flow in the pipe.

4. Inspection of the travel reducer: If the power transmission between the travel motor and the drive wheel is normal and there is no abnormal noise, if the oil temperature, oil level and oil quality of the travel reducer are normal, it means that the travel deceleration reducer does not exist. malfunction,

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