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What Are The Major Institutions Of The Loader?

Jul. 20, 2018

The loader consists of the bucket lifting mechanism, the slewing mechanism and the running mechanism. The following small series are introduced for you:

1. Loader bucket lifting mechanism: The lifting mechanism consists of a motor, a reducer, a lifting chain and a reel.

2. The loading machine slewing mechanism: the function of the slewing mechanism is to make the dumping working mechanism rotate left and right in the horizontal plane, so that the bucket can install the rock on both sides of the roadway and enlarge the loading width; the main part of the slewing mechanism has a rotating seat, The upper and lower two turntables and the guiding device are arranged, and the turning angle thereof can be directly manipulated by the operator to increase the loading width of the bucket loader. At the same time, when the rotary seat rotates at a certain angle, when the bucket loader retreats and lifts the bucket discharge, the guide device can ensure that the rotary seat automatically guides to the middle position without discharging the rock to the mine car.

3. Loader travel mechanism: The travel mechanism of the rear unloading bucket loader used in coal mine shafts is mostly rail type, which consists of electric motor, reducer and front and rear pairs of wheels.

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