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How To Adjust The Loader Brake System?

Jul. 31, 2018

The brake system is an important mechanism to ensure the safe operation and driving of the loader. It is necessary to pay attention to check whether the components are malfunctioning or not.

1. The air compressor is the power source of the loader air brake system. When the compressed air is not used, the compressor continuously works for several tens of minutes, and the brake system pressure is stable, indicating that the air compressor works normally. If the air pressure fluctuates frequently, check the air vent valve of the air compressor. Grind if necessary to ensure that the valve is sealed.

2, loader oil water separator is used to filter compressed air, and can control the system pressure to stabilize below 882kPa, the air compressor should pay attention to whether it is oil.

3. The rubber cover at the upper end of the loader air brake valve should be kept intact to prevent dirt from entering. The inner cavity of the brake valve should be cleaned regularly. The surface of the piston is coated with a thin layer of oil to keep the piston moving and the rubber film intact.

4. After the brake band of the loader brake is worn, the brake clearance should be adjusted. The adjustment method is to first lift the wheel off the ground so that it can rotate automatically. Then turn the dial to change the position of the adjusting screw and measure the gap in the upper part of the brake band with the feeler gauge. After adjustment, the uniform clearance between the brake band and the brake hub should be 0.5mm. The contact area between the brake shoe and the brake hub should be above 95%.

5. The loader brake oil pump pipeline is not allowed to enter the gas. Therefore, after replacing the parts and cleaning the system, the system should be exhausted. The method of exhausting is to fill the brake booster cylinder with brake fluid, and then start the engine. When the air pressure gauge reading rises to 588 kPa, it stops. Depress the brake pedal and deflate the booster oil outlet and each sub-pump vent until the entire stream is free of air bubbles. When deflation, the brake fluid should be replenished to the cylinder of the afterburner in time, otherwise the oil will be lower than the inlet, and the air will enter the system again.

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