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How Does Wheel Loader Works?

Jun. 05, 2018

Wheel Loader can be divided into: power system, mechanical system, hydraulic system, and control system. As an organic whole, the performance of the loader is not only related to the performance of the mechanical components of the work equipment, but also related to the performance of the hydraulic system and the control system. Power system: The loader's original power is generally provided by a diesel engine. The diesel engine has features such as reliable operation, hard power characteristic curve, and fuel economy, and meets the requirements of poor loader working conditions and load changes.

Mechanical system: It mainly includes walking equipment, steering mechanism and working equipment. Hydraulic system: The function of the system is to use the fuel oil as the medium for the engine's mechanical energy, use the oil pump to convert it into hydraulic energy, and then transfer it to the oil tank, oil motor, etc. and turn it into mechanical energy. Control system: The control system is a system that controls the engine, hydraulic pump, multiple directional valves, and actuators. The hydraulic control drive mechanism is a device that converts small-power electric energy or mechanical energy into powerful power hydraulic energy and mechanical energy in a hydraulic control system. It is composed of hydraulic power amplification elements, hydraulic actuators and loads and is the core of static and dynamic analysis in hydraulic systems.

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Wheel loader 912

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