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The Gearbox Is One Of The Important Components Of The Wheel Loader

Aug. 28, 2018

The gearbox is one of the important transmission components of the Wheel loader 938. It transmits the speed and torque transmitted from the engine to the final drive system, changes the gear ratio between the engine and the wheel, completes the traveler's travel and reverse gear operations. The power transmitted to the traveling equipment is intercepted under the condition of the engine operation, so as to get used to the operation of the loader and the traveling, the engine starting and parking safety are facilitated.

However, during the operation of the loader, the gearbox failure rate caused by improper application and maintenance has always been high. In particular, the application does not strictly follow the repair and maintenance procedures, and the lack of timely inspection of peace and maintenance will speed up the gearbox. The composition of damage and faults, and even the spread of disease outcomes.

We should maintain and maintain the gearbox on time to ensure the normal operation of the wheel loader. If you want to continue to know about the 0.8 Ton Wheel Loader, you can contact us.

Wheel loader 938

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