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Six Technical Requirements Of Wheel Loader

Sep. 19, 2018

1. The technical standards of anti-vibration, moisture-proof, fire-proof and anti-noise of Mini Wheel Loader unit meet the industrial safety requirements specified by the state and meet the requirements of HSE safety operation.

2. The Mini Wheel Loader diesel engine and its distribution equipment and facilities must meet the HSE requirements of petroleum enterprises; meet the fire and explosion protection requirements of oil and gas areas; meet the national environmental protection emission requirements; the loader equipment working noise should not exceed 95db (A); loader There shall be no leakage, oil leakage, electric leakage or air leakage; protective cover shall be designed in each transmission part; obvious protection devices and warning signs shall be set at high temperature, high pressure and dangerous parts, and personnel operation, inspection and maintenance shall be suitable for Chinese people. The safe space of body shape and habit, the part that is easy to touch and hang must make the edge of the structural part dull.

3, Mini Wheel Loader environment: ambient temperature -30 ° C ~ +45 ° C, suitable for wind and sand, winter cold, summer heat, day and night temperature difference climate characteristics. The altitude performance is ≤1000m (within 3000m, the altitude of altitude is increased by 1000m, the diesel engine power is allowed to decrease by 8%-10%), and the relative humidity is ≤90%. The performance of the unit is stable and reliable.

4. The Mini Wheel Loader should be a mature and reliable standard product officially registered in the country; the loader has relevant qualifications and has the national "3C" certificate; it meets the requirements of the buyer's vehicle settlement.

5, Mini Wheel Loader uses a centralized automatic lubrication system, and installs the engine low temperature start preheating device, the ladder and guardrail on the car should be strong and firm, and the wear resistance of the gripper claw head can be enhanced (randomly with 1 set of spare), the seat is Air cushion type.

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