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Flat Operating Essentials Of Wheel loader

Aug. 16, 2018

The correct operation method of Wheel loader: The correct operation method of loader can be summarized as: one light, two stable, three away, four hard, five coordinated, six prohibited.

Light: When the loader is working, the heel is pressed against the cab floor. The self-priming pump foot plate and the accelerator pedal are kept parallel, and the fueling pedal is gently pressed down.

Second stable: the loader is always in operation during operation.

Three-way: When the loader is working, the foot plate should be separated from the brake pedal and placed flat on the cab floor. Never step on the brake pedal.

Four Qin: When the loader is working, especially during the shovel operation, the bucket should be shovel full of materials by cyclically lifting the hoist and the bucket lever when the throttle is stable.

Five coordination: Coordination is the organic cooperation between the lifting and the steering bar.

Six is strictly prohibited: First of all, it is strictly prohibited to slip the tires. When the loader is working, it is often the case that the tire is slipping when the throttle is caught by the resistance.

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Wheel loader

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