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Features of Backhoe Loader

Jun. 26, 2018

1. The low-speed, high-torque Weichai engine that meets the national II emission requirements has low fuel consumption, strong power, and high reliability.

2. The first four rear four of the gear, the operation is simple and quick; the use of electronically controlled differential lock, through the high; configuration of wet and wet double brake, carrying capacity, high reliability, more suitable for a variety of adverse conditions.

3. The load-sensing full-hydraulic steering system has the advantages of light and quick steering, stable operation, and stable and reliable performance. It is equipped with a hydraulic system with a combination of shunt and splitter logic functions to realize the compound operation of excavation work.

4. The use of reinforced excavation booms and sticks provides high reliability. The boom swings with a damping buffer to ensure smooth and smooth operation. It can be equipped with standard sticks or telescopic sticks to meet the diverse needs of customers.

5. The use of integrated LCD monitors, human-computer interaction is high; the whole electrical appliances adopt centralized control, convenient inspection and maintenance, and high reliability of electrical components.

6. With a cab that is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass, the view is wide, air-conditioning is standard, and the driving environment is comfortable.

7. Can be equipped with a variety of excavation or loading attachments to meet the diverse needs of users.

Our Backhoe loader has three models, include: Backhoe loader 388, Backhoe Loader 45-17 and Backhoe Loader 30-25. If you want to know more detailed product information, please contact us.

Backhoe Loader 30-25

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