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Common Faults of Excavator

Jun. 29, 2018

There are many types of Excavator faults, and one of the most annoying problems is the lack of fire. Why can't an excavator hit the fire? How can we solve the problem without a fire?

10 Reasons Why Excavator Can't Fire:

1. The battery clip is loose, which makes it difficult to start the excavator.

2. The excavator battery power is insufficient, or the pile head of the battery is loose, resulting in poor contact.

3. The circuit is faulty, the relay box connector is loose, or the fuse box fuse is burned.

4. The start of the motor or generator is faulty, it cannot generate electricity normally, resulting in insufficient power.

5. The excavator could not reach the fire in winter. It may be caused by diesel waxing.

6. The digging machine is matched with unsuitable fuel, the viscosity diesel oil is selected in winter, and the viscosity diesel oil is selected in summer.

7. The engine cylinder pressure of the excavator is lacking and the engine valve is closed tightly.

8. Excavator hot car is difficult to start, there may be digging machine oil pump or nozzle problems.

9. Excessive moisture in the diesel, or too much air in the diesel fuel caused by the failure.

10. Excavator solenoid valve failure, diesel pump plunger wear, etc. can also cause a fire.

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