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Development Of Excavators In China

Jun. 01, 2018

China's excavator production started relatively late. From 1954, the first bucket bucket excavator produced by the Fushun Excavator Plant had a capacity of 1m³ and so far it has undergone three major tasks: imitation of mapping, independent research and development, and development and improvement. stage.

In the early years after the founding of New China, the history of excavator production in China began with the imitation of Soviet union  's W501.W502.W1001.W1002 mechanical single-bucket excavator in the 1930s and 1940s. Due to the need of national economic construction at that time, more than 10 excavator production plants were established. Since 1967, China has independently developed hydraulic excavators. The products successfully developed in the early stages include WYl00 type of Shanghai Construction Machinery Factory, W4-60 type of Guiyang Mining Machinery Factory, and WY60 excavator of Hefei Mining Machinery Factory. Then there was the WYl60 type of Changjiang excavator factory and the WY250 excavator of Hangzhou Heavy Machinery Factory. They have taken an extremely important step in the formation and development of the Chinese hydraulic excavator industry.

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