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How Does The Wheel Loader 910 Save Diesel Engine Oil?

Nov. 08, 2018

Wheel Loader 910 saves diesel engine oil:

1. Regular cleaning of the filter and maintenance of the oil filter;

2. Prevent fuel from entering the diesel oil sump of the loader;

3. Keep the diesel engine oil sump and valve cover relatively closed to prevent debris from intruding into the engine oil;

4. Select the appropriate grade of engine oil as required;

5. Change the oil regularly according to the regulations. When replacing the oil, the oil should be drained after the shutdown, and the oil pan should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the residual waste oil from mixing with the new engine oil and corrode the new engine oil.

6. Maintain the normal working temperature of the diesel engine. The normal working temperature of the diesel engine is 80 °C ~ 90 °C. If the temperature is too high, the oil will become thinner, accelerate the oxidation of the oil and reduce the lubricating effect of the oil. If the temperature is too low, the diesel will not be fully burned, and some of the oil will condense into a liquid and flow into the oil sump along the cylinder wall to dilute the oil.

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Wheel Loader 910

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