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Precautions Of Starting Wheel Loader Engine Before Starting

Aug. 09, 2018

Wheel Loader 956 is used for the filling and excavation of subgrade works, asphalt mixing materials and aggregate and loading of cement concrete yards. Safety precautions for the loader's engine before starting are:

1. Check and ensure that the lighting of all lamps and the display lights can be displayed normally, especially the normal display of the turn signals and brake lights.

2. Check to ensure that no one is working under the car or near the loader when starting the engine to ensure that accidents do not endanger the safety of yourself or others.

3. The shifting joystick of the front loader should be pulled to the neutral position before starting.

4. For brake systems without emergency braking, the hand brake handle plate should be placed in the parking position.

5. The engine can only be started or operated in a place with good air flow. For example, when operating indoors, the exhaust port of the engine should be connected or directed to the outside.

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Wheel Loader 956

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